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Jen Morris laughing

Hey there! I’m Jen.

I’m a mom, Certified Health Coach, postpartum health educator and founding partner with Amare, The Mental Wellness Company. 


I’m fired up about helping fellow moms REIGNITE your brains and bodies so you can create the change you want to see in your life and community.

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Jen Morris and family

But we often put ourselves LAST. Our physical wellness, mental health and career goals take a back seat to our kids, partners and everything else.

We’ve been trained to prioritize everyone else and accept that it’s just part of motherhood. 

And I speak from experience. 

It’s no secret that moms are changemakers.

Jen Morris and baby

I embarked on my first pregnancy bright-eyed and horribly naive. I thought I was as prepared as I could be. I read some books. Took the childbirth classes. Did the CPR certification. Practiced diapering. 

Hell…I even TAUGHT some prenatal nutrition workshops while my daughter happily sat on my bladder kicking away in my belly.

And then she was born and I felt exhausted, emotional, overwhelmed, irritated, and even angry….for MONTHS.

I kept waiting for things to get better. 

I kept thinking my symptoms would magically disappear. 

And when I came close to beating up a stroller one day in the parking lot of an Old Navy because I couldn’t figure out how to open it (don’t worry….my daughter was asleep and blissfully unaware), I realized that I wasn’t doing so well.

I started researching and learning what REALLY happened to my body during pregnancy and childbirth. 

And while I was excited to finally have some insight, I was also PISSED.


Jen Morris and family

I quickly discovered that most people don’t know this stuff.

Like that your GUT changes during pregnancy and doesn’t just magically get better once the baby is born.

Like that your BRAIN can SHRINK by nearly 5% and studies have shown that this can last for several years post childbirth. 

You know, minor stuff (she wrote with a huge dose of sarcasm).


We need to know not only WHY it happens but more importantly, HOW to address it so your health doesn't go down the toilet while we work our asses off to take care of our kids. 

During my research, I found some products and other info that truly turned things around for me and I want to pay that forward. 

So I’m here to help EDUCATE, EMPOWER and EQUIP moms with knowledge and tools so you can finally start to feel better and LIVE BETTER.

I believe when moms FUEL their bodies and brains, they IGNITE their purpose and become un-fucking-stoppable. ✨

Our kids, community, country and, dare we say, all of civilization needs moms to be LIT UP, MENTALLY FIT and full of LIFE so we can go out and create the massive change that needs to happen.

What I Stand For

I’m a little 'woo' and a lot 'science.' I believe in education, nutrition and science-based support. I’m not about conspirituality.


I welcome all women who identify as moms, including female-bodied, female-identified, trans-feminine, and queer women. As a white, cis-gendered woman, I am aware of my privilege and am striving to listen more, be a better ally and use my platform to dismantle patriarchal b.s. that has disempowered and harmed women, especially BIPOC women. I am not perfect. I will make mistakes.


While money can't buy happiness, it can be a catalyst for greater good. I'm here to help moms become more financially savvy and empowered.

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