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My must-have nutrition protocols & resources to help you reignite your brain and body and rebalance your hormones safely


As a busy mom and Certified Integrative Health Coach with 15 years of nutrition coaching experience, I know the importance of safe, scientifically proven, effective and EASY products to support your health.

But for me, this is personal.

After my first daughter was born 6 years ago, I found myself struggling with postpartum anger, massive hormone challenges, digestive crap, out-of-control cravings and debilitating overwhelm, and brain fog.


I figured it would eventually go away but after 8 months of struggling silently, I went searching for some solutions because my usual nutrition tips weren’t cutting it.


Through a lot of research and some help from some mom friends, I discovered the link between gut health and mental wellness.


When I started incorporating specific strains of probiotics along with adaptogenic herbs into my routine, I started noticing my mood improving. My motivation started to return. My hormone swings leveled out and, most importantly, I stopped feeling so angry all of the time. 

How you are feeling is not just "part of the motherhood" journey, my friend.

Addressing my gut health made a massive positive impact that started with me and rippled outward.

These are some of my favorite options for stress, focus, mood, and hormone help from one mom to another.
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Happy Juice

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Not Sure Where to Start?

If you have questions or want to schedule a free consult to determine the best path for you, shoot me a text at 970-805-0405.
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